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Announcement: The Ecommerce Bridge v2 API is moving from developer preview to stable release

September 12, 2019

Originally launched in early 2018, the Ecommerce Bridge API allows your integration to connect any ecommerce store with HubSpot, allowing customers to use HubSpot's powerful ecommerce features with any ecommerce store or platform.

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August 7th Roundup: 5 New Updates

August 7, 2019

For this post we rolled 5 updates into one with a new header to help with Webhook validation, a new callback for embedded forms, added flexibility for content developers, a number of documentation updates, and a small update to the Developer’s Terms of Service. 

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Updated API : Ecommerce Bridge v2

March 26, 2019

What's Happening?

Today we're releasing an update for our Ecommerce Bridge API. The v2 release of the Ecommerce Bridge has some new features, but is backwards compatible with the v1 API.

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New feature: Updated ways to get sync errors when using the Ecommerce Bridge

November 20, 2018

What's Happening?

Today, we're releasing a few new features for the Ecommerce Bridge to help you track down sync errors. We're releasing two new endpoints, and adding additional functionality to the existing sync errors endpoint to make it easier to find specific errors.

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New feature: Check the sync status of a specific object synced using the Ecommerce Bridge API

November 7, 2018

New feature: Check the sync status of a specific object

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New API: Ecommerce Bridge API

May 11, 2018

Ecommerce Bridge API released; 12 new endpoints now available

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