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HubSpot Developer Changelog

6 Posts in OAuth

Upcoming: contacts scope sunset

Last year HubSpot split the contacts scope into more granular CRM scopes, to provide app developers separate access for contacts, companies, and deals (i.e.,, companies.write, etc.). With privacy and security being a top priority for...
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Announcement: New API focused academy modules for Developers

You spoke and we listened. We’re excited to announce a new academy course for working with HubSpot’s APIs. If you’re new to APIs or more specifically new to HubSpot’s APIs this will help you get started.
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Announcement: Scopes will be required for apps using webhooks or CRM Extensions

Data security and privacy are very important to us here at HubSpot. Over the coming months, we'll be making updates to our app platform that will help customers better understand what data can be accessed by any apps they're connecting to their...
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New Content: OAuth 2.0 Quickstart Guide

New Content: OAuth 2.0 Quickstart Guide and companion Quickstart App
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OAuth2 'redirect_uri' Can Now Be Served over http If The Host Is 'localhost'

 OAuth2 redirect_uri can now be served over http if the host is localhost
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Integration Permission Error

Users may have seen permission errors when re-authing apps that migrated from OAuth1 to OAuth2 due to the restrictive nature of OAuth2 scopes.
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