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Upcoming: Form element ID attribute is being changed to be more unique

November 18, 2019

HubSpot forms render a <form> element with a unique id attribute for each page on which the form is used. However, when multiple instances of the same form are added to the same page, the id for each form may not be unique. To resolve this, the id attribute is being changed. If you are targeting...

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Upcoming: Changes to error responses

October 3, 2019

In an effort to make error messages from the HubSpot APIs cleaner and easier to understand, we'll be making a few changes to the fields included in our error responses.

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Upcoming: A change for number properties in CRM APIs

October 2, 2019
What's happening?

We are going to restrict number property values in the API to contain only numeric digits and an optional single decimal point represented by a period/dot symbol.Attempts to save values on numeric properties with commas, spaces or multiple period/dot symbols via the API will be...

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