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Update: The associatedcompanyid contact property will become read-only on April 26th

January 24, 2019

When the HubSpot CRM originally launched, contacts could only be associated with a single company. This association was done using the associatedcompanyid, since only a single association from a contact to a single company was supported. Since then, we've added new objects, such as tickets and...

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Full Release: CRM Associations API

September 27, 2018

CRM Associations API is no longer in Developer Preview.

What’s happening?

The CRM Associations API is being officially rolled out, and is no longer in Developer Preview! With this rollout, the CRM Associations API now fully supports Contacts, Companies, and Deals, allowing integrators to manage...

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New Functionality: Parent <-> Child Associations via API

September 11, 2018

New functionality: Ability to manage parent <-> child company relationship via API

What’s happening?

Integrators now have the ability to manage Parent <-> Child associations between companies via the API. Specifically, integrators can now use the new association types to make these associations...

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