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4 Posts in Companies API

Updates on the sunsets for the Site Maps API and domain search for the Companies API

What's happening? We previously announced April sunsets for our CMS Site Maps API, and for a deprecated endpoint in the Companies API to find companies by domain. However, given the current global situation, we decided to give partners, customers,...
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Sunset: The Companies API endpoint GET /companies/v2/companies/domain/:domain is being deprecated

Update: This sunset is now scheduled for June 12. See this post for details. What's happening? A previously deprecated endpoint for the Companies API that searches for company records by domain name is being sunset. The path of this endpoint is:
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Upcoming: A change for number properties in CRM APIs

What's happening? We are going to restrict number property values in the API to contain only numeric digits, an optional single negative sign ("-"), and an optional single decimal point represented by a period/dot symbol. Attempts to save values on...
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Update: The associatedcompanyid contact property will become read-only on April 26th

When the HubSpot CRM originally launched, contacts could only be associated with a single company. This association was done using the associatedcompanyid, since only a single association from a contact to a single company was supported. Since then,...
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