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HubSpot Developer Changelog

5 Posts in Potentially Breaking

Associations API Enables Admins to Configure Association Limits

An upcoming change to the Associations API gives customers with an Admin role control over the number of records associated with one another by introducing association configuration limits on an association type. Association configuration is the...
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Drag and drop area styles moved from footer to header

Drag and drop areas produce styles from attributes in the template and page-editor. These styles are output in the standard_footer_includes. Those styles are moving to the standard_header_includes.
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The CMS CLI is replacing FTP

FTP is an aging technology from the 1970s that relies on FTP clients we didn't build. To deliver the best developer experience we can, it doesn't make sense to continue investing resources in the maintenance of an experience that you’re not...
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Announced: Form element ID attribute is being changed to be more unique

HubSpot forms render a element with a unique id attribute for each page on which the form is used. However, when multiple instances of the same form are added to the same page, the id for each form may not be unique. To resolve this, the id...
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Changes to the Workflow API Deal JSON

JSON structure of deal-related workflow actions changed; some top-level deal action properties moved into a substructure.
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