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HubSpot Developer Changelog

7 Posts in Custom Modules

New CRM Object Property field for Custom Modules

We're adding a new CRM Object Property field usable in custom modules for the HubSpot CMS. This field makes it even easier to work with your CRM data in the CMS.
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New CMS module field validation

Previously it was possible to create a module in the page editor that was required, locked, and did not have a default value. Meaning it was impossible to publish a page with that module, because the required field was not filled in, and had no way...
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Browser-based lazy-loading now available for module image field

Most modern web browsers support browser-based lazy loading of images through an HTML attribute. Setting the "loading" attribute to "lazy" defers loading of the asset until just before it's needed. We've updated the image field to allow for...
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Module fields can be nested 4 levels deep, and new require_head tag

You are now able to create modules that have fields that have 4 levels of depth. This is an increase from the previous 3 levels. Developers can now provide content creators easier interfaces by using more nested field groups. We're also adding a new...
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Now Available: Inline Help Text for Fields and Modules

When creating modules for use by content editors, oftentimes there is a need to provide simple instructions as to the intended use of a field or module, limits to the field or module, or even just some general knowledge about why the field or module...
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Rich Text Editor Toolbars can now be configured to show certain features

Rich Text editors (often referred to as WYSIWYG editors) allow content creators to quickly markup/style content with easy to use buttons for things such as changing font size, bolding text, and inserting links or images. This freedom to markup/style...
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Sunset: Workflow field for custom modules

The field for allowing users to select a workflow in custom modules is being deprecated on December 5th. You won’t be able to create a workflow field when creating new modules in the design manager UI, CMS-CLI, or FTP.
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