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HubSpot Developer Changelog

9 Posts in CMS CLI

The new HubSpot CLI and new blog template types

The CMS CLI is now the HubSpot CLI. This will require manual effort to update to the new version. We're also adding 2 new template types for blogs.
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CMS CLI bug fixes and a consistency tweak

This release (v2.2.1) contains a couple of bug fixes and changing how we refer to individual HubSpot accounts using the CMS CLI (Command Line Interface). We will be using the term account in nearly all areas of the CLI that previously referred to...
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HubSpot CMS CLI user experience improvements

The CMS CLI has been updated, adding a lot of new user experience improvements. Better secret management, command completion, browser shortcuts, interact with the developer file system in new ways and more!
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CMS CLI watch skips initial upload, create vue-app

Thanks to feedback from the community the CMS CLI watch command has been updated to not immediately upload the watched directory by default. It's now also easier to start working with Vue.js on HubSpot.
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New CLI features - HubDB, file manager fetch, and webpack serverless

The CMS CLI (Command Line Interface) is getting several new features in version 1.1.9. Interact with HubDB, fetch from the file manager, and create webpack-serverless. Use npm install -g @hubspot/cms-cli@latest to update to the latest version.
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Theme Field Validation

At CMS Hub launch we announced themes. We are rolling out validation for the theme fields.json to help theme developers. Errors in the file will be publish blocking, preventing you from adding invalid code that won't work. This is rolling out in two...
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Creation of themes, serverless functions, and access to default themes and modules in the Design Manager

The launch of CMS Hub introduced serverless functions, themes, and HubSpot default themes. Creating serverless functions and themes previously required using the CMS CLI. You can now do this through the Design Manager. Please note: serverless...
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The CMS CLI is replacing FTP

FTP is an aging technology from the 1970s that relies on FTP clients we didn't build. To deliver the best developer experience we can, it doesn't make sense to continue investing resources in the maintenance of an experience that you’re not...
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CMS Hub Developer Features and Updates

What's happening? The launch of CMS Hub includes several important updates for developers. Nothing needs to be done to existing sites to preserve existing functionality. The changes we're announcing make the HubSpot CMS more powerful for developers...
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