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HubSpot Developer Changelog

Changes to the Forms API

The Forms API no longer allows write access to non-marketing forms. Non-marketing forms will no longer be returned by default by the 'Get all forms' endpoint effective May 21st 2018.

What's Happening?

Beginning on May 21st 2018, updates will be made to the Forms API to correct some existing behavior related to non-marketing forms. Most notably, non-marketing forms will no longer be returned by default from the “Get all forms” endpoint. Integrators dependent on the inclusion of non-marketing forms will need to include the formTypes=ALL in their requests to the “Get all forms” endpoint.

What’s changing?

Previously, integrators making requests to the “Get all forms” endpoint (GET /forms/v2/forms) would receive all marketing forms and all forms of other types in a portal (namely, Lead Flows). While similar, the two tools are distinct in functionality, implementation, and backend processing. This means that you will no longer be able to manage Lead Flows and other non-marketing forms via the Forms API.

Additionally, while creating/editing/deleting other form types via the Forms API have never been supported, these requests were also not blocked. Because of the differences between these tools, trying to create new non-marketing forms or edit existing ones could result in the creation of orphan forms (inaccessible in-app) or existing forms/Lead Flows could become broken.

Going forward, requests attempting to create/edit/delete non-marketing forms will return an error, and non-marketing forms will not be returned by default from the “Get All Forms” endpoint. In order to include these forms, integrators must include the formTypes=ALL parameter in their request URL.

This change was made as a part of our overall effort to make the Forms API more consistent with the in-app functionality of the Forms tool, and help prevent integrators from creating potential orphan records that could then break existing lead flows.

When is this happening?

The “Create a form” and “Update a form” endpoints will return an error to requests attempting to create/edit a lead flow effective immediately. The “Get all forms” endpoint will be updated to exclude non-marketing forms by default starting on May 21st 2018.

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