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HubSpot Developer Changelog

New Content: OAuth 2.0 Quickstart Guide

New Content: OAuth 2.0 Quickstart Guide and companion Quickstart App

What’s happening?

Whether you're brand new to HubSpot or you've been building with us for years, you've probably encountered our implementation of OAuth 2.0. Though our reference documentation covers the steps needed to authenticate with OAuth 2.0, integrators unfamiliar with HubSpot and/or OAuth 2.0 may have felt discouraged and had trouble getting up and running quickly.

We’ve heard your feedback and we’re publishing the OAuth 2.0 Quickstart Guide to help reduce confusion and allow you to start building faster. This walkthrough takes you through the OAuth process step-by-step. In addition, we’ve also written a publicly available companion Quickstart Example App in Node.js.

What’s changing?

Nothing! This is entirely new content.

When is this happening?

The OAuth 2.0 Quickstart Guide and companion Quickstart App are currently live!

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