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HubSpot Developer Changelog

New Functionality: Contact Timeline Embed

New Functionality: Embeddable view of a HubSpot contact's timeline.

What’s happening?

The Contact Timeline Embed is a custom timeline view that enables integrators to insert the HubSpot contact timeline into an external system. The custom view includes the contact's HubSpot score and allows full timeline filtering. For Marketing Professional/Enterprise portals, the embed also provides the option to enroll contacts in HubSpot workflows.

When using this embed in an external system, an iframe should be loaded with the following URL, where portalId and contactId correspond to the relevant portal and contact record, respectively:

The documentation on the Contact Timeline Embed can be found here

What’s changing?

Nothing! This is entirely new functionality. The Contact Timeline Embed can be thought of as a spiritual successor to the public contact record view, providing additional functionality and security.

When is this happening?

These features are currently live and can be utilized immediately.

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