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HubSpot Developer Changelog

Update: UTC Offset Fields added to “Get details for a HubSpot account” Method

What’s happening?

Along with a portal’s Timezone (e.g. US/Eastern), the `/integrations/v1/me` endpoint now returns UTC Offset information, which should make it easier for developers to localize timestamps that HubSpot’s API returns. Going forward, this endpoint will include a human readable `utcOffset` field (e.g. -05:00) as well as a more machine readable `utcOffsetMilliseconds` field (e.g. -18000000) that correspond to the portal’s timezone.

You can check out the details of the “Get Details for a HubSpot account” method here.

What’s changing?

The `utcOffset` and `utcOffsetMilliseconds` fields have been added to the response from the `integrations/v1/me` endpoint.

When is this happening?

The `utcOffset` field is now live!

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