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HubSpot Developer Changelog

Updated API : Ecommerce Bridge v2

What's Happening?

Today we're releasing an update for our Ecommerce Bridge API. The v2 release of the Ecommerce Bridge has some new features, but is backwards compatible with the v1 API.

What's Changing?

The main new feature is the support for multiple stores, allowing you to connect multiple stores to a single HubSpot account. When syncing objects through the bridge, the ID of the store that the object belongs to is passed with the rest of the data for the object. Any objects synced to HubSpot can be segmented by store as well.

Integrations will be able to migrate to the v2 API while still using the v1 API for any connected accounts. For more details about migrating your integration, see the migration doc.

Setting up your integration to use the Ecommerce Bridge has also been streamlined. For custom integration using an API key, there is no longer a separate install endpoint, as we'll handle the installation process when you create your first store. For connected apps using OAuth, the import settings are now part of the overall app settings, instead of a separate set of import settings.

When is this happening?

The Ecommerce Bridge API v2 is being released into our developer preview program today. The v2 API is available for use with any integration, and can be used with any HubSpot account.

You can find the documentation for the v2 API here

If you have any questions or feedback for this new release, please let us know by replying to the forum thread here.