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HubSpot Developer Changelog

Announcement: Deals now support merging

What’s happening

Deals are central to a CRM. Businesses need to be sure of what the state of their pipeline and closed business is. Deals hold information about completed sales and potential future ones. Because mistakes happen, we are releasing the ability for customers to merge deals together.

If a customer merges Deal A and Deal B, HubSpot creates a new deal from that merge: Deal C. Deal C now is considered the canonical deal, and it has the combined property value history from both Deal A and Deal B and their associated objects (Contacts, Companies, Tickets, Line items and Engagements). Deals A and B are no longer visible in the app.

If you make a GET request for Deal A, the dealId in the response will be Deal C’s dealId, so it’s important not to assume that HubSpot will always return the same dealId as the one you requested.

If you need to get associations for the merged deal, you must use Deal C’s dealId. If you try to get associations using Deal A’s dealId, you will receive an empty response.

It’s important to note that deal merges through the API are still not supported. They will only be available in the HubSpot app.

When is this happening?

Customers will be able to merge deals starting the week of February 23rd.

If you have any questions, join us on the community forum.