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HubSpot Developer Changelog

Announcement: The Ecommerce Bridge v2 API is moving from developer preview to stable release

Originally launched in early 2018, the Ecommerce Bridge API allows your integration to connect any ecommerce store with HubSpot, allowing customers to use HubSpot's powerful ecommerce features with any ecommerce store or platform.

Earlier this year, we released v2 of this API. The v2 release added support for multiple stores, allowing customers to utilize ecommerce data from all of their online stores in one HubSpot account.

Today, we're moving the Ecommerce Bridge v2 API from developer preview into a stable release. This means that any updates or changes will be announced through our developer changelog, with at least 90 days notice for any breaking changes.

If you already have an integration using the Ecommerce Bridge API, and you're looking to upgrade to v2, we have a migration doc that can help that you can find here:

While we do recommend upgrading to the latest version, we do not currently have any plans to sunset the v1 API, so existing integrations using the v1 API will continue to work as they currently do.

Please let us know if you have any questions by replying to the forum thread linked here.