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HubSpot Developer Changelog

Announcement: Two new functions for the HubSpot tracking code

Today we're announcing new features for the HubSpot tracking code that help you manage sites with dynamic content.

What's changing?

There are two new functions that are now available.

The first is addIdentityListener. This function will allow you to obtain the query parameters needed to create cross-domain links. This will allow you to build URLs that support cross-domain tracking for links added after the page is loaded, or for any links that rely on JavaScript for their functionality.

The second function is refreshPageHandlers. This function will reapply any clicked element events that have been created for the HubSpot account. This will allow you to automatically reapply existing events after updating the content of your pages, such as when using a modal window, without needing to manually attach click events to the new content.

When is this happening?

These new functions are already live, and can be used on any page with the HubSpot tracking code installed.

Please let us know if you have any questions by joining the discussion in our community.