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HubSpot Developer Changelog

August 22nd Roundup: 3 New Updates


For this post, we rolled 3 updates into one with support for CRM Cards on tickets, Engagements API maintenance and making form embedding easier.

New Feature: Ticket support for CRM Extensions

CRM Extensions allow your integration to display custom data in the HubSpot app, appearing in the sidebar for CRM objects. Using your custom CRM card, users are able to view and interact with data from your integration, allowing your integration to appear seamlessly inside of HubSpot

Starting today, we're adding support for tickets, which will allow your integration to support users of the HubSpot Service Hub.

What's changing?

Tickets are being added as an additional Associated HubSpot object for any CRM extension object types. This option will be available for new CRM cards you create, as well as any cards that your integration already has.

If you're already using CRM Extensions, the functionality for tickets is identical to other objects, though the properties that you want included with the fetch request will need to match the properties used for tickets.

When is this happening?

This feature is live today, and is supported using the CRM Extensions API or when updating your apps in your Developer Account.

If you have any questions, please join the discussion in the forum.

Deprecation Notice: formInstanceId is no longer required

What’s happening

When embedding a single form multiple times onto page, you no longer need to specify a formInstanceId. 

If you specify a formInstanceId in the embed code, HubSpot will continue to use that. 

When is this happening

As of today, you no longer need to specify a formInstanceId.

Engagements API maintenance

Note: A previous version of the post included details about upcoming maintenance for the Engagements API. The details of this maintenance have changed, and the up to date information can now be found in its own separate post.

If you have any questions, please join the discussion in the forum