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HubSpot Developer Changelog

Bugfix: New Currency Validation for Line Items API

To ensure that the quality of data in the customer's CRM is high and that data is useful for automation, quotes, and reporting, we are preventing invalid currency values for line items. For example, a text string like "zzz" will not be supported within the default currency field for the "price" property. This was previously implemented in the HubSpot UI but not the API. With this change, the API will now throw an error for invalid currency formatting.

If inputting an invalid field type for the currency value, you will receive a 400 error response such as:

{ "status":"error", "message":"Provide a valid ISO currency code", "correlationId":"84048eda-9743-4731-a0c9-bed28f1cc9a3", "category":"VALIDATION_ERROR" }

You also must ensure the currency value is configured for the portal; otherwise, you will also receive a 400 error response returned such as:

{ "status":"error", "message":"Provided line item currency CAD is not supported by portal", "correlationId":"524419ad-c49c-4c31-b935-110cbc0859c9", "category":"VALIDATION_ERROR" }

This change ensures proper currency value formatting to report line items, deals, and quotes accurately. 

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