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HubSpot Developer Changelog

Bugfix: Webhook AssociationChanges

We are pleased to announce an update to our webhook subscriptions handling associationChanges that significantly improves how events for associations between the same object types are fired.

What's changing?

Previously, our system exhibited a limitation where webhook subscriptions for associationChanges between the same object types (e.g., contact-to-contact, deal-to-deal, company-to-company) would only trigger a single event for one side of the association. This behavior was inconsistent with handling associations between different object types.

With the latest bugfix, this discrepancy will be resolved. Now, webhook subscriptions for associationChanges between the same object types will fire events for both sides of the association.

What does this mean for developers?

Before the bugfix:

  • For associations between the same object types (e.g., Sam and Alex both contacts), a subscription to contact.associationChange would only fire one event, representing the association from one contact to the other (Sam -> Alex), and not the reverse (Alex -> Sam).
  • For associations between different object types (e.g., contact Sam and company BlorgCorp, Inc.), subscriptions would correctly fire two events:
    • contact.associationChange: Sam -> BlorgCorp, Inc.
    • company.associationChange: BlorgCorp, Inc. -> Sam

After the bugfix:

  • For the same object type associations, subscriptions will now trigger two events representing both sides of the association (Sam -> Alex and Alex -> Sam), aligning with the behavior observed for different object type associations.

We encourage users utilizing webhook subscriptions for associationChanges to review your integration logic for handling webhook events and update your systems to account for receiving two events for associations between the same object types, as this will effectively double the number of events received for these subscriptions. Users are also encouraged to test their integrations to ensure they correctly handle the new event structure.

The expected date this update will be enforced is May 14, 2024. Please let us know if you have any feedback or questions by joining the conversation in the Developer Community forum.