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HubSpot Developer Changelog

Burst limits are increasing for API key authenticated calls

We have rate limits in place to help make sure we offer reliable services to all our customers. Without them, customers could accidentally or maliciously slow down or take down HubSpot services. As we make improvements to our infrastructure we want to pass them along to you to help keep up with customer demand.

What’s happening

We are increasing the API Burst Limit for the following customer tiers:

Professional and Enterprise

  • 50% increase Burst: 150/10 seconds

API Add-on (any tier)

  • 66% increase Burst: 200/10 seconds

These updates apply to all HubSpot APIs, except where noted below

When is this happening

This change is now live for all accounts using their API key to authenticate API calls.

This does not affect calls made using OAuth, we will be revisiting those limits at a later date. This also does not affect the CRM Search API, which will remain limited to 4 requests per second.

The X-HubSpot-RateLimit-* headers have been updated to reflect your account’s limits. We recommend you use those headers in your apps requesting limiting logic where possible so you can automatically take advantage of future increases. 

If you have any question, please join the conversation in the community.