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HubSpot Developer Changelog

CMS CLI bug fixes and a consistency tweak

This release (v2.2.1) contains a couple of bug fixes and changing how we refer to individual HubSpot accounts using the CMS CLI (Command Line Interface). We will be using the term account in nearly all areas of the CLI that previously referred to them as portal.

What's happening?

The most noticeable change is that we are making the CLI more consistent with our documentation, knowledge base and other content. Everywhere in our documentation we refer to company accounts as HubSpot accounts. We only use the term portal, when talking about the CLI.

For developers that have been building on the CMS a long time and are active in our community, you likely have grown used to the term portal. It's a term we had used with developers but didn't consistently use with other audiences when referring to an account. The word account evokes the same meaning for everyone, making it easier to digest documentation and materials that spans across different disciplines (marketing and development).

So how does this translate to actual changes to the CLI?

  • All commands that accepted --portal now accept --account.
  • Most instances that we call something a portal, we call it an account. With exceptions where we think it would cause confusion, such as references in help text that refer to the config file, which still uses "portal".
  • Most of our uses of the word portal are updated to now say account in our documentation.

Old references to portal, portalId, and defaultPortal will continue to work. The goal for this update was to make this a non-breaking change and enable you to continue working and staying productive. It is important to be aware of this change though because you will start to see our documentation update to reflect this change.

To preserve backward compatibility we did not change the hubspot.config.yml file itself.

Bug fixes

  • It was previously not possible to download all file manager files to your current working directory using ./ when constructing a local path. This is fixed.
  • Previously an API key was not accepted as an authentication method for the filemanager commands. This has been fixed. We do recommend however that you switch to personal access keys if it makes sense for your use-case. Personal access keys provide an additional layer of security that API keys do not.

When is it happening?

The update is live now. To upgrade, run the command:

npm install -g @hubspot/cms-cli@latest

We're always listening for feedback. If you have feedback on the local dev tools the best place to file an issue or contribute is in the HubSpot CMS Tools GitHub repository.

Haven't tried our CMS local development tools?

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Questions or comments? Join us in the developer forum or the #local-development channel of our Slack.