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HubSpot Developer Changelog

CMS CLI watch skips initial upload, create vue-app

Thanks to feedback from the community the CMS CLI watch command has been updated to not immediately upload the watched directory by default. It's now also easier to start working with Vue.js on HubSpot.

What's happening?

In version 2.0 of the CMS Command Line Interface (CLI) the hs watch command no longer immediately uploads the watched directory by default.

If you want to upload the watched directory when watch starts, use the --enable-initial=true option when running the command.

hs watch [src] [dest] --enable-initial=true

Learn more about the watch command in our CLI reference.

We're also releasing the hs create vue-app command which will generate the files from our Vue boilerplate.

The Vue boilerplate is in beta and we would love for you to share any feedback you may have on it. Let us know if you find any bugs or have any feature requests by filing GitHub Issues.

Why are these changes happening?

Feedback from our developer community on Slack and the forums was pretty clear that it made more sense to have watch only upload files that change while watch is running. Having it upload the initial directory right away, had a greater potential for accidentally overwriting more than you intend to change. In addition, if you're working on a project you've already uploaded code for, it doesn't make sense to re-upload all of the code that's already in the developer file system. It makes more sense to upload only the changes.

Building sophisticated web applications should be easy on HubSpot. Sophisticated web applications often warrant sophisticated tools. The Vue boilerplate and react boilerplates as well as the accompanying hs create react-app and hs create vue-app commands make it faster and easier to start building.

When is it happening?

This change has already gone into effect in the latest version of the CMS CLI. We encourage you to update your local development tools today. To upgrade, run the command:

npm install -g @hubspot/cms-cli@latest

We're always listening for feedback. If you have feedback on the local dev tools the best place to file an issue or contribute is in the HubSpot CMS Tools GitHub repository.

Haven't tried our CMS local development tools?

Get started with the local development tools

Questions or comments? Join us in the developer forum or the #local-development channel of our Slack.