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HubSpot Developer Changelog

CRM API v3 Developer Preview is Now Available

HubSpot API consistency and completeness has been a major point in feedback from our developer community for some time now. You spoke, and we listened! We are excited to announce the launch of a refreshed CRM API and documentation, available today in developer preview.

The CRM API v3 is the first milestone in a larger concerted effort to level up HubSpot’s APIs. These new APIs are more consistent than the current generation and are on their way to becoming more complete.

CRM Search, Imports, Owners, Pipelines, Properties, Associations, Objects (contacts, companies, deals, etc.)

Here’s what's new:

Search, Filter and Sort:

This brand-new endpoint allows developers to filter, sort, and search across all CRM objects (contacts, companies, deals, etc). These new capabilities will allow for more effective data retrieval across the CRM.

You might use this API for:

  • Getting a list of contacts for a specific account
  • Retrieving a list of all open deals
  • Searching for contacts by custom properties


CRM Imports Endpoint:

This brand-new endpoint allows developers to import CSV files for creating or updating objects in their HubSpot accounts. These objects include contacts, companies, deals, tickets, products, and notes. The Imports API allows your integration to use the same powerful features that are supported by the in app import tools in HubSpot.


The Imports API allows you to:

  • Import files directly
  • Retrieve information on any past imports
  • Cancel any incomplete imports


Learn once, apply everywhere:

All CRM objects now have more in common. Defining properties, associating objects to one another, assigning ownership and defining pipelines (where applicable) are all the same regardless of the objects you’re working with.

  • CRM Object Properties
  • CRM Associations
  • CRM Owners
  • CRM Pipelines


What this means for developers:

  • Start testing out these endpoints. Developer preview is the perfect time to let us know what you think. We’ll be collecting and iterating quickly on your feedback, which could mean breaking changes. It’s not recommended to use these endpoints in a production environment yet, but we’ll let you know when they’re ready.
  • Continue to use the existing stable CRM API, which will remain available for production use as we build out our platform with improved consistency and capability.


CRM Search:

  • Search functionality is limited to one request per second
  • "engagements", including "tasks", "calls", "emails", and "notes" aren't supported in Search

Coming Soon

  • We are missing the Engagements and Contact Lists endpoints - use the existing ones for now.
  • Secondary Identifiers - we’ll be adding this shortly—hang tight.


Please provide your feedback about these new APIs in the developer forum thread.