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HubSpot Developer Changelog

Design Manager: Copy to different account functionality updated

Starting today, we have updated the “Copy to different account” functionality inside of the Design Tools. 

What’s changing?

This new functionality has removed the guided step-by-step workflow and introduces a single modal to streamline copying your modules, templates, and now, themes, from one account to another. We have also removed the dependency check functionality of our copy tool (such as images from file managers, CTAs, and linked files) when copying your assets to different accounts. 

With the removal of the dependency check, we recommend that developers make sure to use an efficient development workflow that utilizes relative file paths and building with portability in mind. For an example of this, be sure to check out CMS Theme Boilerplate.

We have also extended the functionality of our HubSpot CLI to allow for users to be able to:

To discuss this update, please visit the following thread on the community forums.