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HubSpot Developer Changelog

Developer Projects Platform Version 2023.2

If you're using HubSpot Developer Projects - currently used for building UI Extensions and for the CMS React Beta we're introducing a new project version. To get the updates you'll need to update the platform version in your project config file.

This new version comes with feature and developer experience enhancements, by updating your platformVersion in your project configuration file you can opt in when it's convenient for your team.

What's new in version 2023.2?

App functions are getting a number of developer experience updates.

  • Support for asynchronous functions (async await)
  • The removal of the 4kb log limits (we heard you loud and clear). In addition to the removal of this limit, there's now an improved logging system in-app.
  • PRIVATE_APP_ACCESS_TOKEN has been moved from context.secrets to be accessed from process.env instead.
  • App functions now support Node 18. In order to upgrade to this newer version of projects and get all of the updates you will need to upgrade any app functions using Node 16 or lower to Node 18.  
  • App functions can now have public URLs,  which means they now replace Endpoint functions used for CMS development. This means we're moving to 1 system for building with serverless functions across the platform so your knowledge and skills transfer.

How to update your project to the latest version of the Developer Platform?

Open your hsproject.json file, it should look like this. (if yours does not show a "platformVersion" that's okay, you'll be adding it.)

{   "name": "YOUR PROJECT NAME",   "srcDir": "src",   "platformVersion": "2023.1" }

You'll be updating or adding the platformVersion number "2023.2"

{   "name": "YOUR PROJECT NAME",   "srcDir": "src",   "platformVersion": "2023.2" }

In your serverless function files you'll need to update how you're grabbing the private app token. Update references to context.secrets.PRIVATE_APP_ACCESS_TOKEN to process.env.PRIVATE_APP_ACCESS_TOKEN

Additionally if you have any, CMS endpoint functions will need to be converted to App Functions.

If you want to update your functions to be asynchronous we have guidance for that as well.

Questions or comments? Join us in our developer community forums.