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HubSpot Developer Changelog

Email and custom workflow v3 APIs are out of beta

We're excited to announce that the Custom Workflow Actions API and two of our email APIs are exiting beta. You can now feel safe using them in production apps.

What's happening?

Our new APIs are more consistent to each other making it easier to work with all of the APIs. The following three APIs are fresh out of beta:

  • Transactional Email - send transactional emails to your customers aiding customer retention
  • Subscriptions Preferences - manage the communication preferences for your contacts, allowing you to use a custom solution for letting your users manage their email preferences.
  • Custom Workflow Actions - Create a custom workflow action to make it easy for customers to integrate your service with HubSpot workflows.

When is this happening?

The new versions of these APIs are now considered stable as of today.

If you currently are using an older version of the APIs, don't fret this is not a sunset announcement. Your existing integrations will continue to work. We will give fair warning before old versions of our APIs are sunset. We encourage you to review the APIs there may just be some functionality there that you've been asking for, making it worth it to upgrade now.