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HubSpot Developer Changelog

Email and the web are different, default modules are splitting to reflect this

HubSpot has several default modules that can be used in both CMS Hub and Marketing Hub emails. The code and features supported in web browsers and in email clients differ significantly. To better support the experience in both places we'll be splitting these modules into 2 versions: One for email, one for web and landing pages.

What's happening?

We're splitting HubSpot default modules that currently support being used in both emails and web pages, into an email module, and a web page focused module. Custom created modules will not be affected. Splitting these modules lays a foundation enabling HubSpot to deliver updates to these modules that are better optimized for where they'll be used.

The following default modules are affected:

  • @hubspot/cta
  • @hubspot/header
  • @hubspot/linked_image
  • @hubspot/logo
  • @hubspot/post_filter
  • @hubspot/post_listing
  • @hubspot/section_header
  • @hubspot/social_sharing
  • @hubspot/text
  • @hubspot/email_cta
  • @hubspot/email_header
  • @hubspot/email_linked_image
  • @hubspot/email_logo
  • @hubspot/email_post_filter
  • @hubspot/email_post_listing
  • @hubspot/email_section_header
  • @hubspot/email_social_sharing
  • @hubspot/email_text

These modules will remain the same for website pages, for email an email clone of the module is now available.

The only change to the paths of the module is that they are now prefixed email_. Example: @hubspot/email_text.

Existing email definition

{% module "email_template_logo" path="@hubspot/logo" link="test-link.html" label="Logo" %}

Updated email definition

{% module "email_template_logo" path="@hubspot/email_logo" link="test-link.html" label="Logo" %}

See our documentation on this change for more examples.

All email templates with module definitions associated with modules part of this migration will are now showing warnings. In order to resolve the warning, users need to update module path to use email module path.

A warning displaying on code  for a module tag in the design manager. The message reads" The @hubspot/logo module is being deprecated on email template in favor of @hubspot/email_logo".

For modules using id's instead of paths you will see:

Same image as above except the module tag does not have a path attribute, and has a module_id instead. The same warning is displayed.

We've provided a list of these modules so you can convert to using the correct module's module_id instead.

When is it happening?

The email clone versions of the modules are available in HubSpot accounts now.

Rolling out to accounts now - all new email templates, and edits to existing email templates will throw a warning when using an incorrect version of a module.

On January 5th any new email templates, and edits to existing email templates will error and prevent publishing, when an incorrect module path is used. We will around this same time roll out an update that will automatically change modules in existing templates to use the new paths.

Questions or comments? Join us in the developer community forums.