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HubSpot Developer Changelog

Enhanced Handling of Semicolon-Delimited Property Values

Edit: In response to some customer feedback, we’ll be looking at enabling this feature via a setting instead of opting everybody into this by default and are removing the February 6, 2024 deadline and replacing with 1st half of 2024.

What’s Changing?

Previously, if a property value contained a semicolon, the system would split the value regardless of the property definition.  

Starting February 6, 2024, property values will now be split only if the property is defined as a multi-value property or if it is of an enumeration type.

HubSpot uses semicolons to separate values for enumeration type properties, such as checkboxes. These properties can have multiple options selected, and these values are stored as a string with the separate options separated by a semicolon. Semicolons will still be used in this way for these enumeration type properties, but plain text type properties will no longer be processed as a list of separate values when they contain a semicolon.


Why is this changing?

There are use cases where one would use a semicolon in a plain text property and the user would expect this to be considered a single string.  For example, if you were importing records into your account and used a value such as "123;456", On the backend, we would separate this value into two values; "123" and "456".  For properties that are required to be unique, this was problematic because if one of these property values (123 or 456) existed elsewhere, the new update would be rejected.  With the correct settings, "123;456" will now be treated as a plain string, and would be a valid unique property value from "123" and "456", without splitting. 


When is this happening?

This change will be applied starting February 6, 2024; however, if you want early access to this, please contact your customer success manager to be added.


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