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HubSpot Developer Changelog

Expanding the GraphQL beta for CMS developers

Announced at Developer Day 2021, we're opening up the GraphQL Beta to more businesses. Developers building on the HubSpot CMS can take advantage of GraphQL to query for, and display, their HubSpot CRM object and HubDB data on CMS pages, emails, external content, integrations. The GraphQL functionality allows developers to easily fetch all of their HubDB and CRM object data, and all relevant associated data at once, rather than making round trip API/HubL function calls to get associated CRM object data, or foreign ID/child HubDB table data. Once access has been granted for an account, developers can use the documentation, sample GraphQL theme and GraphiQL explorer to test and write queries.  HubSpot GraphiQL UI, with an example Schema pulling data from CRM and HubDB.

If you're looking for more inspiration, check out the recent Building Dynamic Pages with CMS Hub workshop recording.

How do I request access?

You can request access to the GraphQL layer for the HubSpot's CMS by filling out the sign-up form.

After you've requested access, joining the #data-driven-content channel in the developer slack to share your feedback, ask questions, and get updates on changes to the functionality as it gets closer to a full release.