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HubSpot Developer Changelog

February 2023 Rollup

February 2023 updates include new API endpoints for Goals, Snowflake updates, Multi-Currencies for app listings, and a performance update for the Script Loader.

Note: You can sign up for the public betas listed below by visiting the Account Menu Dropdown > Product Updates > Betas area.

Snowflake Cross-Region Data Share Update

Customers who do not have their Snowflake account within the same region as HubSpot’s Snowflake account will now have access to the V2_LIVE schema. Updates to this schema can take up to 15 mins in order to process. The V2_DAILY schema will remain unaffected by this change and will continue to be updated every day.

App Marketplace: Multi-Currencies for App Listings

App Marketplace partners are now able to list their applications in international currencies.

Script Loader Performance Update

HubSpot’s script loader, the file loaded when the HubSpot tracking code is embedded, previously loaded and executed embedded scripts before the webpage window was loaded and ready for interaction this may cause performance issues including blocking page rendering.

Now the script loader will load and execute render blocking embedded scripts only when the user interacts with the webpage. This change affects Popup Forms, Collected Forms, Feedback (Surveys), and Conversations.

Embedded scripts that are required to execute on window load, like CTA's, Cookie Banner and Analytics, are not impacted.

This change should positively impact performance for all sites using the HubSpot tracking code.

To discuss these changes, please visit our community forum post here.