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HubSpot Developer Changelog

Forms rendered by embed code are updating

Forms rendered by the HubSpot form embed codes are updating. Two changes will be occurring. Most accounts and forms should not expect to have any issues.

What's changing?

We're updating our form embed to use a more recent version of React. The data-reach-id attribute that appears on DOM elements will be going away. Most developers do not target this ID with JavaScript or CSS and should not see an issue, but out of an abundance of empathy and transparency we are letting everyone know ahead of time.

Additionally our forms embed script will no longer attach internal dependencies to the window.hubspot  window.HSFR and window.hbspt properties. While these dependencies were required for the internal functionality of HubSpot forms, their attachment to a window property made them available for other scripts on the page. In the unlikely event your code relied on these dependencies, you will need to update any form related custom code to rely on their own dependencies.

All documented methods of integrating with our embed will continue working. To integrate with our forms embed, you can continue to use the documented APIs at 

These changes do not require someone to update the embed code snippet already used on their pages.

When is this happening?

These changes will be going into effect on October 18th, 2022. If you are relying on the data-react-id or internal dependencies you will want to make your changes before then.

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