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HubSpot Developer Changelog

Integration Exit Survey and App Partner Survey Export

What is it?

Live today users can uninstall integration and submit integration feedback. Also live today, as users provide uninstall integration feedback app partners will be able to see this information in their developer account and export submission data.

Why does it matter?

For years customers have been uninstalling integrations. Users will uninstall integrations for a number of reasons either; they are unhappy with the integration, or they don't use that system anymore or they might be uninstalling the integration to use a HubSpot feature that solves for that use case. Now with the integration exit survey, our Partners and our product team can get insight into why our customers are uninstalling integration.

How does it work?

Now when a user goes to uninstall an integration, HubSpot built or 3rd party, after they select more > "uninstall" from the connected apps page they will be presented with a uninstall module.



Once they type "UNINSTALL" and click "Uninstall" they will be presented with the integration exit survey.



They might receive a number of questions based on their answers. If the user does not want to submit the survey, they can click "done" without answering any questions.

After a user submits an integration survey, an app partner can now see total survey submissions in their developer account. They can also export survey results if they wish to dive into the feedback.




Who gets it?

This is available to all HubSpot customers and all App Partners.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to join the discussion in the community.