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HubSpot Developer Changelog

Long-standing HubL Limits will now be properly enforced

Starting June 10th, 2024, we will begin to enforce the CMS HubL limits for all net-new HubSpot accounts and accounts not currently exceeding the limits using the affected functions, in accordance with our Software Products, Packaging, and Limits. For existing HubSpot accounts already over the limits we will be rolling out enforcement of these limits on November 4th, 2024. The affected HubL functions are as follows:

  • topic_cluster_by_content_id
  • blog_authors
  • blog_post_by_id
  • blog_total_post_count
  • cta
  • hubdb_table
  • hubdb_table_row
  • menu
  • page_by_id
  • blog_popular_posts
  • blog_recent_author_posts
  • blog_recent_posts
  • blog_recent_tag_posts
  • blog_recent_topic_posts
  • blog_tags
  • blog_by_id

The limits for these functions have been documented for years, but out of caution we were not flagging errors when developers uploaded assets that violated these limits. These limits exist to keep HubSpot fast and reliable. Using JavaScript and HubSpot's APIs is a common alternative solution for many of these functions. Additionally using GraphQL can help you to limit the use of many of these functions.

Because the June 10th change is rolling out to net-new accounts and accounts not already over the limits, no websites will have issues as a result at that time.

For existing HubSpot accounts already over the limits you will need to update your code before November 4th to stay within the limits.

In the HubSpot Design Manager assets which are violating these limits already show warnings about the limits. We will also surface inside the page editor when you are hitting a limit. We encourage you to update your code to stay within the limits.

When is it happening?

This change goes into effect on June 10th for new accounts and accounts not already exceeding the limit. For existing accounts that are exceeding limits please review your assets for warnings of violating limits and make the necessary changes prior to November 4th, 2024.

If your business needs a deadline extension, please submit a request here

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