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HubSpot Developer Changelog

Module fields can be nested 4 levels deep, and new require_head tag

You are now able to create modules that have fields that have 4 levels of depth. This is an increase from the previous 3 levels. Developers can now provide content creators easier interfaces by using more nested field groups. We're also adding a new require_head tag which operates similarly to require_css.

What's happening?

Custom module field groups enable you to group related fields to provide an easier experience for content creators. We're changing how many levels field groups you can have to 3 groups, meaning 4 levels of fields.

fields panel of module editor with 3 nested groups

This will be useful for complicated modules like custom slideshows, galleries, and modules with animations, where you might want to have a lot of depth to the controls, and nesting the fields makes the interface easier to understand.

We're also adding the require_head tag to HubL. This tag functions similarly to the require_css tag in that it moves the code inside it to the head of the page. require_head is intended for placing things that need to be in the head but are not JavaScript or CSS. An example where you may want to do this might be for special meta tags associated with or to be configured by a module.

When is this happening?

This functionality has already rolled out to all accounts.

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