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HubSpot Developer Changelog

New Beta Version of the Automation API released

Today we're releasing a new version of the Automation API into public beta. This new API includes updated support for all current workflows functionality, and also brings the API up to our modern API design standards.


What's changing?

Workflows have been updated significantly since the release of the legacy Workflows API. The legacy API only supports workflows for contacts, and also only supports a subset of the actions that are currently available for workflows. The v4 Automation API makes the current functionality that HubSpot users have available to all integrations.

The v4 Automation API includes support for workflows for other CRM objects, adding support for workflows for companies, deals, and tickets, as well as other supported objects. This also supports all existing workflow actions, so any actions that were returned as an UNSUPPORTED_ACTION type in the v3 API will include the full details in the new v4 API.

The initial beta release includes the ability to get all workflows, as well as create and delete workflows. Additional functionality, including updating workflows and batch operations, are planned for release over the course of the beta. The new API uses the existing automation scope.

Please note that the structure of the API has changed significantly from the previous version to accommodate the updated functionality for workflows. Please see the documentation for full details, including the full list of supported actions and the updated format for branching actions.


When is this happening?

The new v4 API is available now for all supported accounts for both private and public apps. Please note that the API is being released into public beta and existing functionality may change before the full release. Please make sure you're subscribed to the changelog to get notifications of any updates.

If you have any feedback, please join our developer slack and join the #automation-api-beta channel.

Please let us know if you have any questions by joining the discussion in the slack channel.