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HubSpot Developer Changelog

New CLI features - HubDB, file manager fetch, and webpack serverless

The CMS CLI (Command Line Interface) is getting several new features in version 1.1.9. Interact with HubDB, fetch from the file manager, and create webpack-serverless. Use npm install -g @hubspot/cms-cli@latest to update to the latest version.

What's happening?

We listened to feedback many of you shared in our developer slack and forums. We're excited to announce, we've added a few new features to the CMS CLI. These updates make it even easier to build on CMS Hub.

File manager fetch

Use hs filemanager fetch, to download file manager assets. This is a companion to the previously released hs filemanager upload, to upload assets to the file manager as well.

Create React App

Previously announced at our CMS Lunch and Learn event, we've published an open source project for building with ReactJS on HubSpot. To make using the project easier, you can use the CMS CLI command hs create react-app to create a HubSpot react project in your current directory.

Serverless Webpack Boilerplate

We recently published a new open source project to make it easier to build complex serverless functions utilizing webpack. We've updated the CMS CLI to make it easy to take advantage of this project within your usual development workflow. Use the command hs create webpack-serverless to generate the files from our opens source project within your current directory.

Interact with HubDB

We're releasing 4 new commands into developer preview for working with HubDB. These commands are only available to accounts that have HubDB.

  • hs hubdb create
  • hs hubdb fetch
  • hs hubdb clear
  • hs hubdb delete

Using these commands you can create and delete HubDBs tables, fetch and even clear all rows of a HubDB. See our documentation for more details.

As stated these commands are in developer preview. The way they function may change over time, and there may be bugs. Let us know if you have any feedback.

When is it happening?

These features are already rolled out. Use npm install -g @hubspot/cms-cli@latest to update to the latest version.

Questions or comments? Join the discussion in the developer forums or developer slack.