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HubSpot Developer Changelog

New features released for the Chat Widget SDK

Today we're announcing three new features for the Chat Widget SDK.

What's changing?

Two new options are being added to hsConversationsSettings and one additional option is being added to the .clear() function.

For hsConversationsSettings:

  • enableWidgetCookieBanner - This allows you to manually show or hide the cookie banner inside any chat widgets that appear on the page
  • disableAttachment - This allows you to hide the attachment button inside the chat widget

For the .clear() function:

  • {resetWidget:true} - This allows you to completely reset the chat experience by clearing all chat related cookies, removing the widget from the page, and creating a new instance of the chat widget

When is this happening?

These new features are currently live and available for use by anyone using the HubSpot Conversations tools.

Please let us know if you have any questions by joining the discussion in our community.