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New required information for the Associations API v3 in developer preview

Update: March 30 - This change is now live.

What’s happening

When creating, updating or removing associations between CRM objects, you will now need to specify a type of association.  This type will also be returned when requesting associations for an object or a batch of objects.

Adding an association to a contact before the change:

Adding an association to a contact after the change:


In addition, you can discover what types of associations by using a new endpoint at GET crm/v3/associations/{fromObjectType}/{toObjectType}/types

Why is this happening

Associations are an important part of any CRM. For example, being able to accurately reflect how contacts are associated with a company is critical.  Your sales team needs to know if this contact is an advisor to the company or the contractor handling the implementation of your product. Today, the associations API does not support these types of associations, only that the contacts are associated with the company.  Adding this information to the API allows you to build integration that can capture and be aware of this extra context. 

When is this happening

This change will take place on Monday March 30th

This only affects the API currently in the developer preview program. 

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