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HubSpot Developer Changelog

Now Available: Ability to add custom HTML to the head section of individual blog posts

What's happening?

Customers using Marketing Hub Professional/Enterprise and CMS Hub Professional/Enterprise now have the ability to custom HTML (tracking scripts, structured data markup, meta tags, etc.) into the <head> section of their individual blog posts by:


  1. Opening the blog post in the page editor
  2. Going to the Settings tab
  3. Clicking the Advanced options dropdown
  4. Adding your desired custom HTML snippet into the Head HTML field


Why is this happening?

For years, you've been able to insert custom HTML into the head section of individual website pages and landing pages. This makes it possible to add everything from tracking scripts to custom meta tags to structured data markup to improve your SEO. This has been a highly requested feature that customers have asked us for both directly and in our ideas forum.


When is it happening?

This feature is now available to all Marketing and CMS Hub Professional/Enterprise accounts.

Want to discuss this change? Head over to our community forum post here.