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HubSpot Developer Changelog

Now Live: Developer Accounts Updates - New home screen and added security

Today we are announcing three new updates to Developer Accounts. A new home screen for Developer Accounts, masking the client secret, and adding an option to specify a redirect URL for your applications. 

New Developer Account Home Screen

Before this update, developers were taken directly to the Application Listing screen which prompted the developer to create their first application. Now there is a dedicated home page that talks about all the features of the Developer Account. See the screenshot below for details:


Masking Client Secrets in App Details

To increase the security of how we handle application client secrets, we are now masking the secret from the Developer Portal UI in the Application Details page. You will still be able to copy the secret while masked, as well as click to show the masked secret when needed. 


Add (Optional) Redirect URL under OAuth Configuration

We now provide the ability to enter a redirect URL as a part of your OAuth configuration for your applications to add an extra layer of security from within the Developer Portal. This configuration is optional but if you choose to enter a URL, we will validate against it as a way to prevent bad actors from using someone else’s stolen credentials.


When is this happening?

These changes are currently live for all developer portals. Have questions? Let us know in the forums.