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HubSpot Developer Changelog

Now Live: Webhooks now support privacy-compliant contact deletions.

Data privacy is a top priority at HubSpot, and helping our developer community stay on top of data compliance is important to us. HubSpot users have the ability to permanently delete a contact record to comply with privacy laws. You can see more details about this feature in this help article:

Starting today, you'll be able to subscribe to privacy-compliant contact deletions through our webhooks platform.

What's changing?

We're adding a new subscription type for webhooks: contact.privacyDeletion. Using this new subscription type, your integration will be able to receive a webhook notification if a user permanently deletes a contact in this manner. This will allow your integration to comply with a user’s request to permanently delete the contact and all associated data, without that user needing to take an additional action in your system.

See more details about setting up and handling these new webhook notifications here:

Note: The privacyDeletion event will also trigger the normal contact.delete event, so you will receive two notifications if you are subscribed to both events. See the documentation for more details.

When is this happening?

This new webhook subscription type is available now, and can be added to any app in HubSpot.

Please let us know if you have any questions by replying to the forum thread here.