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HubSpot Developer Changelog

October 9th Round up: API Best Practice and JS Minifier updates

This update features information about a new JS minifier and about API Key rotation best practices and tools to help you remember to rotate those key.

New javascript minifier for CMS pages

We’re upgrading our javascript minification to use terser. The new JS minifier should in most cases shrink javascript file sizes further than the previous minifier.

What’s happening?

HubSpot CMS sites get the benefit of automatic javascript minification to improve page load time. We’re upgrading this minification. This affects only newly created javascript files. So all new javascript files should be better optimized than files before this change.

When is it happening?

[Updated] This is now live. You don't need to do anything. All future javascript files from the release date onward use the upgraded javascript minifier. If you wish to upgrade a script to use the new minifier, you would need to copy the code from the existing file into a new javascript file. 

If you have any questions or comments please join the conversation in the developer forums.

API Key Rotation Best Practices and Tools

What’s happening?

In the next few weeks, you may receive an email and in app notification reminding you to rotate your HubSpot API Key. These notifications will appear when your API key has gone several months without rotation.

Why is this happening?

Your account security is a top priority at HubSpot, and helping our developer community follow security best practices is important to us. Since HubSpot API Keys provide unrestricted access to your account, HubSpot recommends rotating them at least every six months to improve account security. To aid in this effort, we’ll be sending reminders, via email and in-app notification, towards the end of that six month period. We’re also creating tools on the API Key generation page to aid in this rotation.

You can learn more about API Keys here. On that page there is information about how to find your API Key (if you have one) and see its Audit Log. In this log you can see how old your key is. This knowledge base article will contain information on how to rotate your key when the time comes.

While it is strongly recommended, it is not required that you rotate your API Key. If you choose not to, nothing will change and your API Key-based integrations will continue to work as normal.

When is this happening?

This new feature will be rolling out over the next few weeks.

If you have any questions or concerns, please join the discussion in the community.