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HubSpot Developer Changelog

Asset Marketplace: Removal of Stale Asset Listings

Similar to other marketplaces, there comes a time when listings may become stale causing the marketplace to become an unbalanced resource of assets that are no longer relevant to customers' needs and wants.

What’s happening?

HubSpot has implemented a process for the removal of assets in our Asset Marketplace that are deemed to be “Stale”. A stale asset is defined, in relation to HubSpot’s Asset Marketplace, as any listing (module, theme, template, etc.) that has not been downloaded in 180 days. Once a listing has become stale, it will be removed from the marketplace listings.

What does this process look like?

Once an asset has been listed in our marketplace, we will begin tracking the downloads of the asset. Below is our current process for notifying the marketplace providers of their marketplace asset becoming stale. All communications will be sent to the address listed in your “Provider Information” of your marketplace profile. 
  • A notification email will be sent 30 days prior to the asset being removed if it is at risk of becoming stale
  • A second notification email will be sent 7 days before your asset being removed. 
  • On the 180th day, a final email will be sent letting you know that your asset has been removed from the marketplace.

What happens to the asset if users have purchased/downloaded it in the past?

This process will not affect past purchases/downloads of your assets. Assets that were previously purchased/downloaded will remain in those portals.

Will the marketplace link to my asset be removed?

Once your marketplace listing has been removed, any links to your item will be redirected to the main marketplace homepage. 


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