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HubSpot Developer Changelog

September 2022 Rollup

September 2022 Developer Updates related to new webhook subscription types, CLI features, portal migration error codes, the Files tool upload limits, and data formatting in workflows.

New Webhook Subscriptions available

We've recently implemented support for the following objects subscriptions via Webhooks:

  • Tickets
    • ticket.deletion
    • ticket.creation
    • ticket.propertyChange
  • Products
    • product.deletion
    • product.creation
    • product.propertyChange
  • Line Items
    • line_item.deletion
    • line_item.creation
    • line_item.propertyChange

CLI 4.0.1 New features and API key authentication deprecation

The following changes will affect all users:

  • hs init and hs auth now support an --account option which will send the user directly to Personal Access Key UI for the given account.
  • The CLI will now log useful tips after a user runs hs init, hs auth, and hs sandbox create. The messaging and prompts for all of these commands have also been updated.
  • hs fetch now supports a new option when fetching default CMS assets.
    --version will specify the version of the default asset that you'd like to fetch.
  • There is a new hs cms lighthouse-score command that will run Google Lighthouse scores on a theme.
  • [DEPRECATION] Api key auth is now deprecated. Users will not be able to run hs init or hs auth using the api key auth method anymore. Existing configs that make use of api key auth will continue to work as expected.

The following changes will only affect users ungated for Developer Projects:

  • The hs projects deploy command is more forgiving. Running it from outside of a project directory will now prompt the user to enter a project name. Previously it was a requirement to run it from within a project directory.
  • Running hs sandbox create will now automatically kick off the auth flow for the newly created sandbox account.
  • A new hs sandbox delete command was added

With the exception of the deprecation of API keys, these are all iterative changes in response to user feedback and internal empathy sessions.

Any user who wishes to upgrade to the newest release can run npm i -g @hubspot/cli@latest to get this new version of the tools.

477 Migration in Progress error code added

If you are attempting to make an API call during a portal migration, you will now be presented with a 477 Migration in Progress error code. HubSpot will return a Retry-After response header indicating how many seconds to wait before retrying the request (typically up to 24 hours). This has also been added to the Error Handling documentation

Max upload size for files introduced to the Files tool

Upload file size limits have been introduced to the Files tool. There is a 20mb limit for free tiers and a 2GB limit for paid tiers. With this introduction, we are now able to add the Files tool to the navigation of the free CRM and CMS Hub tools.

Preview results for Form Data custom mode in workflows

When formatting data in workflows, one has been required to turn on the workflow and run records through to verify that the formatting adjustments were happening exactly as expected. You can see a preview of the formatting directly in the workflow step.

format data

Mark your calendar now for October 27

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