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HubSpot Developer Changelog

Serverless function execution limit update

When CMS Hub Enterprise launched with serverless functions we had a limit of 60 function executions per minute. Starting today that's no longer in effect.

What's changing?

We had a 60 function executions per minute limit since the launch of CMS Hub Enterprise. That limit was a little confusing to understand. The limit of 60 executions per minute has been removed. We are not changing it to a new limit. CMS Hub Enterprise sites can now handle a higher demand for function instances at once.

Execution limits

  • Each function has a maximum of 10 seconds of execution time
  • Each account is limited to 600 total execution seconds per minute.

This means either of these scenarios can happen within 1 minute:

  • Up to 60 function executions that take 10 seconds each to complete.
  • Up to 6,000 function executions that take 100 milliseconds to complete.

When is this happening?

This is in effect now. View the full limits break-down in the reference documentation.