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Snowflake Data Share: Changes to columns in Event Tables and Views

Columns occuredat and occuredatdateint used in event queries have an upcoming breaking change in their names.

What's changing?

The column occuredat in all event tables and views will now be occurredat and the column occuredatdateint in all event tables and views will now be occurredatdateint. Note the addition of a second r character for the new columns.

What does this mean:

As this is a breaking change, two new columns, occurredat and occurredatdateint have been added to all event tables and views. For the next 90 days, these two new columns will coexist with occuredat and occuredatdateint, the columns they are seeking to replace. This gives you an opportunity to switch to the new columns.

After 90 days (on April 5, 2023), the two columns, occuredat and occuredatdateint will be dropped from the table. After this date, any attempt to query a table or view containing events using occuredat and occuredatdateint columns will fail.

To discuss this update, please visit the following thread on the community forums.