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HubSpot Developer Changelog

Style fields in public beta, Design Manager creation of style fields in opt-in beta

We're excited to announce that Style Fields, initially announced in June, are now in public beta. They must be created locally by adding them to a module's fields.json file, but we're working on making Style field creation available in the Design Manager as well. Opt-in to get access to that when it's ready. We're also updating the theme boilerplate to use style fields.

Style fields are now available to all HubSpot accounts

We're excited by the things our community has done with them, and we want to see more. We've made style fields available to all HubSpot accounts. Developers DO need to add them to modules for them to be show up in the page editor. Add style fields to your modules by including them in your fields.json. Style fields are in public beta, and we'd love to hear your feedback.

How to opt-In to test the Design Manager experience

Update: As of August 16th, Style fields are now also in public beta, with no need to opt-in.

Uploading style fields within a fields.json file is currently possible for all accounts, but we know some users would prefer to work in the Design Manager. We're working hard to enable creation of style fields in the Design Manager. If you'd like to participate in this beta please fill out the opt-in form. As a convenience, if you previously opted-into the style fields opt-in beta, we will be automatically opting you into the Design Manager style fields creation opt-in beta.

The HubSpot Boilerplate is being updated to use style fields

We're in the process of updating the HubSpot CMS Theme Boilerplate to include style fields in our modules. This update will be contained in a major version update for the boilerplate. This update contains a breaking change to the Pricing Card module.

We've moved the color fields to the styles group. This should not negatively impact any sites that are created with the boilerplate after the update. If you continually update existing sites built on the boilerplate, this is one change you will want to ignore when carrying over any boilerplate changes.  Page data stored to content fields at this time can't be migrated to style fields.

View the style fields related changes by viewing the pull request on GitHub.