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HubSpot Developer Changelog

Upcoming: A change for number properties in CRM APIs

What's happening?

We are going to restrict number property values in the API to contain only numeric digits, an optional single negative sign ("-"), and an optional single decimal point represented by a period/dot symbol.

Attempts to save values on numeric properties with commas, spaces or multiple period/dot symbols via the API will be rejected with an HTTP 400 response code.

For example, if a user in Germany wishes to save a price property value with the amount of '4 Euro and 68 cents', then they must submit a value of 4.68 in the API request for this operation. A value like 4,68 will no longer be accepted.

This change will apply across all API endpoints handling number properties. This will not change the behavior of the HubSpot app itself.

Why is this happening?

This change will bring us much closer to strong numerical data consistency across the core systems at HubSpot. In turn, this will lead to coherent views of contact, company, deal and ticket information whether viewed as part of a report, record, or within a table, no matter the geographic locale or number format preferences of the consumer. This change will be of particular benefit to those users outside the US or UK locales who have in the past experienced occasional data inaccuracies with numerical property values in HubSpot.

When is this happening?

This change is happening on January 7, 2020.

If you have any questions, please join the discussion in the community, where our developer support team will be available to answer your questions.