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HubSpot Developer Changelog

Upcoming:  Property Validations Rules will be enforced for APIs and Integrations

Property Validations allow admins to prevent data quality issues before they start. By setting up property validation rules, admins can control what data can be entered into their system ensuring the entry of clean, reliable, and accurate data.

With this update, you can ensure that the data being entered into your system meets the specific criteria you have established, and avoid errors caused by manual and automated data entry. This will lead to improved data quality, streamlined workflows, and more accurate reporting.

What's changing?

Previously, these validation rules were only enforced in the HubSpot app and on mobile with manual entry, but not on integrations. Starting July 24th, 2023, when you set property validation rules in your system, these rules will also be enforced for changes made through APIs and integrations.

What does it mean for developers?

If your integration is updating property values on any of the CRM objects in a HubSpot account, it will need to adhere to the validation rules that have been established.  If a property value does not meet the set requirement, you will receive a 400 status code with a response body similar to this example:


status: "error",

message: "Property values were not valid: 

[{"isValid":false,"message":"Enter only letters","error":"INVALID_ALPHA","name":"firstname"},{"isValid":false,"message":"Enter only letters","error":"INVALID_ALPHA","name":"lastname"}]",

correlationId: "11061cd3-cf3b-45f7-98d4-27f10a99ece6",



You can learn more about Property Validations through our knowledge base documentation.

When is this happening?

This change will become effective July 24th, 2023.  


Please let us know if you have any feedback or questions by joining the conversation in the Developer Community forum.