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HubSpot Developer Changelog

Sunset: FTP Folders and Workflow Log Events

We’re experimenting with batching sunset updates every other week. We hope this will improve your experience as a developer community. Please let us know what you think using the community links below.

FTP Template and Modules Folders Sunset

What’s happening?
The templates and modules directories will no longer be in FTP. Please use the designs directory that mirrors the folder tree of the Design Manager. All Design Manager assets (modules, templates, CSS/JS files) will be available in the designs directory. This directory mirrors your Design Manager folder tree. The designs directory already exists, we are just removing the extra directories which do not mirror the design manager

When is this happening?
This change will take place on September 16, 2019.
Update: The "Template" and "Modules" folders have been sunsetted.

What action is required?
Please edit any scripts and workflows that rely on template and module folders so that they use the designs folder instead.

If you have any questions, join the conversation in the community.

Workflow Log Events Endpoint Sunset

What’s happening?
We'll no longer support the Workflows Log events endpoint (, which has seen little use. This will allow us to focus on improving HubSpot’s automation platform instead.

When is this happening?
This goes into effect today. We've already contacted those who were using this endpoint, but if you notice any issues, or have any questions, please join the discussion